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       Since its foundation, PEP has been actively participating in charities, helping build Hope Schools, donating books and teaching resources to schools, relieving poverty and providing disaster relief, and setting up an educational fund. What's more, each year PEP has spent millions of RMB developing textbooks for special education in China.


        PEP and the CTMRI place constant emphasis on participation of academic and cultural exchanges.Until now, PEP has developed extensive cooperation with many international organizations, foreign universities and famous publishing houses from more than 20 countries.


        The PEP International Center for Chinese Language and Culture is mainly responsible for the research, compilation, distribution, and promotion of Chinese teaching materials for foreigners. So far, the Center has produced a series of outstanding Chinese teaching materials such as Standard Chinese, Happy Chinese, Learn Chinese with Me, and a series of well-known publications such as Basic Chinese 100 for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Mottoes on Chinese Traditional Virtues(Bilingual Version), Chinese Cultural Reader,etc.