() 录音中有五个句子,每个句子听一遍,然后从每小题ABC中选出能对每个句子做出适当反应的答语。


1. A. Aren't you leaving?       B. You'd rather not.          C. You are?

2. A. Please.                        B. Be glad to.                   C. Don't worry.

3. A. Yes, we really do.        B. Yes, we'll buy a car.     C. Not until the wind stops.

4. A. I went shopping by car.

B. Yes, you may give me a hand.

C. I'd like to make a reservation for next Monday.





6. How often does the woman go swimming?

  A. Sometimes.                 B. Never.                  C. Every day.

7. How many girl students are there in the class?


8. Who are the two speakers?

A. They're workers.            B. They're old friends.       C. They're classmates.

9. Where did Cathy go last Saturday?

A. To the lake.               B. To the beach.          C. To the park.

10. What does the boy want to do in this conversation?

A. Buy a pen.                 B. Change a pen.          C. Take a pen.




11. What's new in Andy's life?

   A. New neighbors.            B. A new garden.            C. A new school friend.

12. What did Andy do when he saw a boy in the garden?

A. He played basketball with him.

B. He asked the boy some questions.

C. He introduced himself and talked to him.

13. Why was Andy confused (迷惑的)?

A. The boy got angry.                                        

B. The boy cried suddenly.

C. The boy asked him the same questions again.

14. Where did Andy see a boy again?

A. At school.                 B. In the garden.          C. At home.

15. What is the relationship between the two boys?

  A. They're friends.               B. They're classmates.          C. They're twin brothers.







16. —Do you like to listen to "Mozart"?

     —Yes. Listening to ______ is my favorite.

A. songs                  B. music              C. stories            D. news

17. —Will you please ______ it to me on Friday?

     —What about Saturday? My computer doesn't work well these days.

A. send                  B. give                 C. email              D. bring

18. It's an important decision for you, so______ your time and think it over.

   A. take                B. waste         C. kill                 D. save

19. —Do you think it will do us good or harm?

     —______. Let's beg for God's help.

   A. It's hard to say                    B. I'm sure

   C. It's impossible                     D. You are right

20. If you are weak _____ a subject, ______ and asking a teacher for advice can help.

     A. at; working hard                   B. in; work hard 

C. at; work hard                       D. in; working hard

21. While flying, a bat makes a sound which hits things and comes back to its ears. In this way it's able to know ______ the things are and avoid bumping into them.

A. how                B. where           C. what         D. which

22. If we continue to be ______ the problem, things are sure to go from bad to worse.

A. blind to          B. interested in   C. honest about     D. satisfied with

23. Have you heard of the story of Holi? It ______ like this: there is a bad king who.

A. tells                 B. comes            C. goes               D. says

24. A study shows that a tropical fish in America can survive(存活)______ water for up to 66 hours.

A. beyond              B. in                    C. out of            D. from

25. He didn't tell his parents he was going home because he wanted to give them a ______.

A. joy                   B. surprise      C. shock             D. happiness

26. —Excuse me. How can I get to the railway station?

     —Turn left and then follow your nose—You ______ miss it!

   A. mustn't            B. can't               C. shouldn't       D. needn't

27. —I didn't know this is a one-way street, sir.

      —______. Please show your driving license.

      A. I don't care                                     B. Sorry, but that is no excuse     

C. It's all right                                     D. I hope so

28. —Do you think we'll need a coffee pot?

      —I don't drink coffee, and ______. It's not necessary. Why not a tea service?

A. so do you        B. neither you do    C. so you do        D. neither do you

29. My son wants a pet rabbit for long, but I have no time to buy ______ for him.

      A. it                      B. that                    C. the one             D. one

30. A "Workaholic" works too much and usually forgets to have meals and go to bed. ______, he doesn't have good health.

A. As a matter of fact                         B. As a whole

C. As a result                                     D. As a rule

31.Newton was playing under an apple tree ______ an apple fell onto his head.

A. when               B. while         C. after               D. before

32. You aren't a stranger, are you?

     —______, don't you remember______me at the school gate ten minutes ago?

A. Yes; to see                                    B. No; seeing

C. No; saw                                       D. Yes; seeing

33. Which sign means "No Photos"?

34. —How much will you be paid?

      —Judy, I don't do it for money, but for experience. ______, it's voluntary (志愿的) work.

A. However         B. Besides            C. Finally             D. Possibly

35. Nowadays meteorologists (气象学家) can make good forecast for 3 or 5 days. Perhaps soon they may be able to do that for a week or ______.

A. more ahead       B. more behind     C. less ahead       D. less behind







What is the hottest topic at your school recently? In Hangzhou Yongjin Middle School, it's money.

The school held an activity called "making money" last weekend. About 200 Junior 1 and Junior 2 students were divided into 30 teams. They went out to make money by selling things.

What did they choose to sell? Some sold newspapers; some chose bottled water; some sold environmentally friendly shopping bags and bamboo baskets.

Hu Qing's team decided to sell some useful books in front of the Children Activity Center. They thought parents would like to buy the books for their children. But unfortunately, they met urban management officers (城管). The officers asked them to leave. "We played hide-and-seek (捉迷藏) with the officers for the whole morning" said Hu. "Finally we had to give up."

Wang Bing and her team sold ice cream in a square. They didn't meet any officers. But few people were interested in what they were selling. The team then put up a board saying "For Country Kids". It worked. More people came to their stall (小摊). A foreigner even gave them 100 yuan. "He didn't want any change. He said he wanted to help the children," said Wang. "We were touched." Later that day they gave the 100 yuan and more to the "Project Hope" office.

Meng Zhaoxiang and his team were luckier. They sold all their cakes in four hours, spending 39.5 yuan and getting back 80 yuan. They made 40.5 yuan. "It was not easy to make the money," said Meng. "Some people just looked. Others just tasted but didn't buy. Now I know how hard it is for our parents to make the money we need to lead happy lives."


36. In Hangzhou Yongjin Middle School, what the students talk more about is ________.

A. the officers                                             B. the kind foreigner

C. the activity called "making money"            D. the money they made last weekend

37. ________ took part in the activity.

A. All the students                                                  B. Some teachers

C. About 200 students of the three grades                 D. Part of Junior 1 and Junior 2 students

38. Hu Qing's team finally gave up because ________.

A. the parents didn't like to buy the books

B. the Children Activity Center was too crowded

C. the officers didn't allow them to sell anything there

 D. the team played the game of the hide-and-seek the whole morning

39. Why did more people come to Wang Bing's stall at last?

A. The team put up a magic board.

B. A foreigner came up and helped them.

C. The people liked to help country kids.

 D. The people were interested in their ice cream.

40. According to the passage the students learn ________.

A. it's impossible for them to make money

B. it's not easy for their parents to make money

C. it's very important for them to make a living

  D. it's necessary for school to hold more activities in the future




News 1

Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice (杂交水稻), won the World Food Prize on Monday. Yuan developed the world first popular and widely known hybrid rice. Hybrid rice plants can make more rice than common ones.

News 2

Liu Xiang won China's first gold medal in the world championships (锦标赛) in 12.95 seconds.

"Everybody wants to win a world title. I was nervous before the race. But I dealt with it so I'm very happy," Liu said with a smile after the race.

Some reporters noticed that at the start, Liu Xiang was crying. He said that is his way of letting off pressure. "My start wasn't good, maybe because I was nervous or because I was a bit slow," he said.

Liu will run next at the Shanghai Grand Prix(大奖赛) meeting at the end of September. He is confident (自信的) after winning the gold medal. "I want people to know how fast I am," he said. "This is number one speed. There's nothing I can't do."

News 3

Have you ever got angry at books that are full of mistakes? Don't worry, things will get better soon. Last week, China started checking textbooks, dictionaries and children's books all over the country. The government said the results of the check would come out at the end of June.

News 4

Last Wednesday Medvedev (梅德韦杰夫) took over from Vladimir Putin (普京). At the age of 42, he becomes the youngest president of modern Russia.

Medvedev was born to a family of teachers. He read a lot from a young age. After university, the soft-spoken young man went on to teach law at university and became very popular with his students.

In 2005, Medvedev became the first deputy prime minister (第一副总理). But he was as friendly as before. "He has not changed. He invited me to his home," said Vera Smirnova, Medvedev's first teacher. "In Russia, only two politicians(政治家) have invited their first teachers to their homes, Medvedev and Putin."


41. Yuan Longping won the World Food Prize because he ________.

    A. the father of his children                           B. likes to eat hybrid rice

C. developed hybrid rice                                D. spent a long time to research hybrid rice

42. Why was Liu Xiang crying at the start?

    A. It"s his way to reduce pressure.            B. He was nervous.

C. He was a bit slow.                               D. He was excited.

43. Checking textbooks, dictionaries and children's books will_________.

    A. make sure the books are not too expensive        B. make the children unhappy

C. make sure there are few mistakes in them          D. make the government lots of money

44. According to News 4, Medvedev is now ________.

    A. a lawyer                                                B. a teacher

C. the first deputy prime minister                  D. the youngest president of modern Russia

45. What Medvedev's first teacher said shows ________.

    A. Medvedev is as friendly as before            B. Medvedev and Putin were her students

C. Medvedev has changed                           D. Medvedev and Putin invited her to their homes




Do you enjoy reading? Here readers of your age from all over the United States recommend (推荐) great books for you to read:

My favorite book is Don't Die, My Love by Lurlene McDaniel. I love all her books, but this was the first one I read and I have to say, it is by far my favorite. It doesn't end like other books, and I cried while reading.

     I think Nancy Drew is great! Nancy is a detective (侦探) who has many fantastic ideas! I love it because it's a book from when my grandma was my age, and I can share the fun with her!

     I highly recommend Skinny Bones by Barbara Park. It is funny so please add it on your book list. You don't want to miss out funny stories

   I would suggest ______ by Judy Blume. It is based on real things that happened to Judy Blume. It is about a girl, Alice, who meets some girls at a new state. They become friends, make a club and meet once a week. They stop after two weeks because they all like a boy in their class and put him as number one. I think every girl should read this because it is about our growing up.

     I read a book called Neela: Victory Song and it was so good I read it twice! It takes place in India in 1936 and this 12-year-old girl named Neela tries to save her father! It has lots of history in it! I also learned a lot about different cultures! The author's name is Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.


46. According to the reader, Skinny Bones can be described as a ________ story.

    A. sad                                                         B. history

    C. funny                                                     D. detective

47. From which book can we learn different cultures?

A. Skinny Bones.                                         B. Nancy Drew.

C. Don't Die, My Love.                                D. Neela: Victory Song.

48. Who is most probably an Indian author?

A. Judy Blume.                                           B. Barbara Park.

   C. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.                       D. Lurlene McDaniel.

49. The best name of the 4th book is ________.

A. My Secret                                               B. Growing Trouble

C. Three Friends                                          D. Alice Learns a Lesson

50. Which is TRUE about Nancy Drew?

   A. It doesn't have a common ending like other books.

B. It's based on real things that happened to the author.

C. It's about a12-year-old girl who tries to save her father.

D. Both the reader and the reader's grandma love this book.




Character (品质), courage and confidence are words you might use to describe your heroes. These words can describe you! Take action as follows and you'll be a hero, too!

Part 1: Character

Character is something that makes you the person you are—like being honest, friendly, and helpful. See the chart (表格) below. On the left is our standard of good character. Write down your promise for each line on the right. Then, get a witness (证人) to sign it. Put it up where you'll see it every day and do your best to keep it.

To build (培养) your character

Your promise

I will do my best to ...


be honest and fair.

eg. I'll tell the truth when mom asks if I have finished my homework.

be friendly and helpful.


be polite and kind.

eg. I'll show good manners in class.

be courageous and strong.




Part 2: Courage

Of course it's going to take a lot of courage to keep your promise. Courage is challenging yourself to do something even though you think it might be hard. For each promise, find out two or three ways to help you keep it. For example, if you think that Being Honest is the hardest promise for you to keep, one of the ways might be "Tell people about my promise so that I won't break it".

Part 3: Confidence

Confidence is believing that you have the skills to do something. Do you have a beautiful singing voice? Are you a good painter? These are all talents that can make you feel good, as well as the people around you. Once you've decided what your special skill is, think about how you can use your skill to make your corner of the world a better place. If you're good at art, try painting a picture on an old wall in your school (of course, make sure you're allowed).


51. According to the writer, what is needed to be a hero?

A. Believe in yourself.                                   B. Be full of courage.

C. Have good character.                               D. All of the above.

52. If your promise is "I'll show good manners in class", you're trying to be ________.

A. smart                                     B. polite

C. brave                                     D. strong

53. What is the most important thing to build your character?

    A. Fill in the chart carefully.                          B. Write down your promise.

C. Look at your promise every day.               D. Do your best to keep your promise.

54. The word "talents" in Part 3can be replaced (替换) by "________"”.

    A. ways                                                 B. ideas

C. skills                                                   D. words

55. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Only a good painter can have confidence.

B. It'll take a lot of courage to make your promise.

C. Character is something that makes you feel good.

D. You can build your character with the help of others.









录音中有一篇短文,听短文两遍后,根据所听内容完成下面的表格。(每空不多于三个词)。(生词:reveal 透露)


10 rules for a long and happy life

Who have revealed

the 10 rules?


What even allowed?

Sunbathing, drinking alcohol and eating chocolate.

The first rule


A great effect

Where you live also has a great effect on (58)_________________

Seeing the doctors

It's the59___________________ rule.


Rule 9 advises you to learn new technologies.

Rule 10

You should smile and (60) ___________________in life.



阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 (必要时可加情态动词或助动词)


My grandmother was an iron-willed (强硬的) woman. When I was five, she invited some friends to her apartment. Among the guests there (61) ____________ (be) a rich man and his daughter. Grandmother considered them the most important among the guests.

During the party, I went to the bathroom. I was still sitting down when the girl walked in. "You (62) ____________ (stay) here too long!"  

"It's not your business. Don't you know that little girls shouldn't come into the bathroom when a little boy (63) ____________ (use)it!?" I said in anger. This (64) ____________ (surprise) the little girl. Then she started to cry. Most guests had heard what I said and laughed. But not Grandmother.

She (65) ____________ (wait) for me when I left the bathroom. Grandmother shouted that I was impolite and rude and ordered, "You (66)____________ (say)sorry to her." All the guests watched in silence.

Twenty minutes later, Grandmother walked by the bathroom and noticed a torrent (激流) of water (67) ____________ (run) out from under the door. Everyone knew who did that. Grandmother was so angry that she tried (68) ____________ (get) me anyway. It took several strong men finally to move her away and calm her down.

My grandfather took me by the hand and seated me on his lap. He looked at me, not at all angry or upset. "(69) ____________ (tell) me," he asked, "why did you do it?" 

"Well, she shouted at me for nothing," I said seriously. "Now she's got something to be angry at." 

Grandfather didn't speak right away. He just sat there, looking at me and smiling. I    (70) _________ never __________ (forget) his expressions (表情) for my whole life.

"Eric," he said at last, "I think you did the right thing."





Nearly 2,000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty, there was a person called Ying Chen. One day, he invited Du Xuan to his house and treated him with wine. On the wall of the room (71) h___________ a red bow (). Its shadow appeared in Du Xuan's cup. Du Xuan took the shadow for a snake. He was (72) f___________ but he didn't refuse out of politeness. He drank the wine (73) w___________ his eyes closed.

When he was back at home he felt so sick that he could (74) h___________ eat and drink any more. He sent for the doctor and took some (75) m___________, but nothing could cure him. (76) W_________ Ying Chen went to ask Du Xuan how he got so seriously ill, Du told him about the snake in the wine. Chen returned home, thought hard, (77) b_________ he could not find an answer. (78) S_________ the bow on the wall caught his eyes. "That's it!" he shouted. He immediately sent for Du Xuan. He seated him where he sat before and offered him a cup of wine. Du Xuan saw the snake-like shadow again. Ying Chen said, pointing at the shadow, "The 'snake' in the cup is (79) n_________ but a shadow of the bow on the wall!" Now that Du Xuan knew (80) w__________ it was, he felt much easier. And strange enough, his illness disappeared the next moment.

This story turned out to be the idiom "Bei Gong She Ying".


七、阅读表达 (5小题,计10)



Think of life as a game in which you are playing with five balls in the air. You name them work, family, health, friends and spirit (精神) and you keep all of them in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce (弹跳) back.

But the other four balls, family, health, friends and spirit, are made of glasses. If you drop one of these, they will be broken. They will never be the same. You must understand that and try to have balance in your life. How?

Don't look down on your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different and each of us is special.

Don't let other people set goals for you. Only you know what is best for yourself.

Don't give up when you still have something to give. (83) Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.

Don't be afraid to fight difficulties. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.

Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible. (84) The quickest way to receive love is to give it; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly (紧紧地); the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only where you've been, but also where you are going.

Don't be afraid to learn. Knowledge is weightless. It's a treasure (珍宝) you can always carry easily.

Don't use time or words carelessly. You can't get them back.

Life is not a competition, but a trip, step by step.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is amystery (秘密), and today is a gift: that's why we call it "the present".


A. 根据短文内容简要回答问题。

81. What are the five balls of life?


82. Please say something about knowledge according to the passage.



83. _________________________________________________________________________

84. _________________________________________________________________________






今年我省出台了系列推进素质教育的新政,其中对学生的作息时间做了严格规定。学生课外时间增多了,他们都在干些什么?他们的负担减轻了吗?下面是English Online杂志社就这些问题对某市部分初中生进行问卷调查的结果。请根据该调查结果写一份80100词的调查报告,并简单谈谈你的意见和看法。文章的开头已给出,不计入词数。


How many students





What do they do

Study, read books or do homework

Watch TV

Play computer games

Do sports or play outdoors


English Online made a survey on what junior middle school students do in their spare time. Here is the result.