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We’re trying to save the earth!




一、听句子,选择你所听到的单词或短语。(共 5分,每小题1分)

1. A. cars B. factories C. planes

2. A. full of rubbish B. throw away things C. burn coal

3. A. cut off their fins B. bring danger to them C. cut down the number

4. A. turning off lights B. recycling paper C. riding bikes

5. A. save electricity B. develop laws C. litter waste

听短文,在横线上填出关键信息词。(共 15分,每小题1分)

It is very (6) ____________ to do with the rubbish in cities. This is because rubbish not only (7) ____________ the environment but also do (8) ___________ to our earth.

We’re trying to find some (9) __________ of doing with the rubbish. For example, we can (10) ___________ the rubbish in different kinds; some kinds can be (11) ___________ such as waste paper, old bottles and glass. Water pollution, of course, (12) _____________ a big problem in the world, so we must (13) ____________ the factories from (14) _____________ waste water into the rivers.

Our country has (15) __________ some laws to protect the environment. As a teenager, we shouldn’t (16) _______________ anything or spit in (17) ___________ places. We must (18) __________ our best to make a (19) ________________ to protecting the environment. After all, we (20) __________ only one earth.


. 1-5 C B A B C

. 6. important 7. Pollutes 8. harm 9. ways 10. collect 11. recycled 12. is 13. stop 14. pouring 15. passed 16. litter 17. public 18. do 19. contribution 20. Have



1. — Hey, Mark. You don’t look so well today. What’s the matter with you?

— I hardly slept last night. There were lots of planes taking off and landing at the nearby airport.

2. — Amy, do you know that we will clean up Central Park this weekend?

— Yes. I’m glad to go and join in the activity. In my opinion, we should also tell people not to throw away things at the park.

3. — Did you watch the TV news this morning, Tony?

— No. What happened?

— Some people caught sharks and cut off their fins for money. What a cruel act!

4. — Peter, what are you planning to write about your research study this term?

— I’m interested recycling paper, and you know the numbers of trees haves fallen. I mean, the problem is so serious.

5. — Jason and Susan, what are your ideas for creating a better environment in our community?

— Well, to help us live a greener life, we should put up some signs to warn people not to litter waste anywhere.


Good morning, class. Today I’m going to give a talk about saving our earth.

As we all know, it is very important to do with the rubbish in cities. Why is that? This is because rubbish not only pollutes the environment but also do harm to our earth. What will you do in face of these problems?

Above all, we’re trying to find some ways of doing with the rubbish. For example, we can collect the rubbish in different kinds; some kinds can be recycled such as waste paper, old bottles and glass. Besides, water pollution, of course, is a big problem in the world. A good way we could deal with the problem is to stop the factories from pouring waste water into the rivers.

Government is trying hard to take measures too. For instance, our country has passed some laws to protect the environment. So now, what should we do as a teenager? Sure, we shouldn’t litter anything or spit in public places. In a word, we must do our best to make a contribution to protecting the environment. After all, we have only one earth.


选择填空(共 15分,每小题1分)

1. Riding a bicycle is a good way to exercise and costs ______.

A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing


解析:骑车是一种很好的锻炼方式,同时没有任何的花费。cost nothing=没有任何花费。

2. The number of the endangered animals, for example the tiger, ______ by over 40% in the past few years.

A. falls B. has fallen C. fell D. will fall


解析:in the past few years意为在过去的几年里,是现在完成时的时间状语。故选B

3. Many people still eat shark fin soup ______ no scientific studies support it’s healthy food.

A. but B. while C. although D. if



4. WWF ______ a great green organization for many volunteers to protect the animals.

A. considers B. is considered C. has considered D. is considering


解析:WWF被认为是一个……,在本句中使用被动语态。正确形式应为is considered

5. I don’t think we ______ use paper napkins anymore.

A. must B. might C. may D. should



6. Many famous movie stars are ______ playing a part in saving the earth.

A. known for B. good for C. full of D. instead of


解析:许多明星在拯救地球方面都很出名。be known for……而出名be good for ……有好处,full of充满,instead of代替。

7. — Can you ______ the TV, Tom? I’m reading.

— Sorry, mum. I’ll do it right away.

A. turn on B. turn up C. turn over D. turn down


解析:请你把声音关小可以吗?turn down关小,turn on打开,turn over翻过来,turn up调大音量。

8. I love places ______ the people are trying to save their environment.

A. that B. which C. who D. where



9. We should throw rubbish in the bins and keep our classroom ______.

A. clean B. to clean C. cleaned D. cleaning


解析:使我们的教室干净,整洁。keep sth. adj.形容词作宾补的用法。

10. He went into his room, ______ the light and began to work.

A. has turned on B. will turn on C. turned on D. turns on


解析:本题考查动词和时态。went into, turned on, began to… 均为过去时态。故选C

11. — Where is Linda?

— She ______ a TV program about a missing elephant.

A. watches B. will watch C. watched D. is watching



12. The ______ we care about the earth, the ______ our environment will be.

A. less; more B. more; better C. less; better D. more; less



13. ______ people helped with the Clean-up Day last year?

A. How much B. How often C. How many D. How far


解析:根据句意,去年多少人参加了清洁日活动? How many多少,后面接可数名词。

14. Though these bags are made _______ old clothes, they are cute and beautiful.

A. into B. from C. for D. out


解析:本句意思是:由……制成,be made from的用法。袋子是旧衣服制成的。

15. Can you tell me ______ her house out of rubbish?

A. when Amy Hayes built B. when did Amy Hayes build

C. when does Amy Hayes build D. when Amy Hayes builds



二、完形填空(共 10分,每小题1分)

How did we help to save our earth this week? Let me tell you.

First, my family tried to save electricity (). We never left the lights 16 when leaving the room.

We 17 the TV when nobody was watching it. Mum only used cold water in the washing machine.

Second, we started recycling this week. We tried to write on 18 of our paper, but not just on one side.

We also divided our rubbish into 19 bags for bottles, paper and food. Mum kept the plastic shopping bags from the supermarket to use them again as rubbish bags.

Third, my family started to save 20 . We stopped 21 long baths and had short showers (淋浴) 22 . We washed toilet with used water. Mum and dad used less water to do the washing. My sister and I didn't leave the tap (龙头) running when we brushed our teeth.

At last, mum and dad began to save gas (汽油). Mum used to 23 us to school, but now my sister and I started riding our bikes to school. It's hard work 24 exercise!

This week dad and a few of the people in his company also started to go to work in one car and share the 25 .

These are great ways to help protect our environment.

16. A. out B. on C. off D. behind

17. A. turned up B. turned on C. turned down D. turned off

18. A. any side B. all sides C. neither side D. both sides

19. A. large B. small C. different D. the same

20. A. electricity B. food C. water D. paper

21. A. to use B. making C. to have D. taking

22. A. again B. instead C. already D. too

23. A. drive B. order C. show D. carry

24. A. or B. but C. for D. and

25. A. pay B. value C. cost D. price


16. B


17. D

解析:这句话的意思是家里没有人看电视了,我们就把电视机关掉。故答案选Dturn off关闭,关上。

18. D


19. C


20. C

解析:这句话的意思是我们家也节约用水。从下文的bath, shower, … washed toilet with used water可提示答案应该选C

21. D

解析:这句话的意思是我们不再长时间泡澡,而只是短时间的冲澡。take long baths为固定搭配,本句意思是:不再长时间洗澡。故答案选D

22. B


23. A


24. B


25. C


三、阅读理解(共 22分,每小题2分)



1Walk more. If you're going someplace close by, take a walk. You'll stay in shape and be living greener.

2Stay at home. In today's high tech and fast paced society we may get bored easily. Find things to do at home to relax and get back to the basics rather than going out to eat, shopping, or traveling. Try reading a book, bird watching, planting a garden, flowers, or volunteering at a local organization. You'll save money and live greener.

3Don't waste. Try not to buy or cook more than you'll use. Buy items made from recycled material. Recycle your waste. Two thirds of your rubbish should be recyclable.

4Turn down your thermostat(自动恒温器)and air conditioner. You can save money on heating and cooling bills while helping the environment.

5Unplug appliances that are not in use. Leaving a radio,computer, hair drier, or other items plugged(插在插座上)in while not in use will still use electricity. Unplug items that are not being used. You'll see your electric bill go down too!

6Try not to always buy, buy, buy! Make what you have work for you. Are buying something because you need it or because you are bored with what you have?

7As your light bulbs burn out, replace them with energy efficient(节能的)ones.

26. What is NOT the advantage of walking more?

A. Keeping a good figure B. Doing exercise C. Becoming lazier D. Living greener



27. Which of the following is true?

A. You shouldn’t eat at a restaurant but stay at home.

B. You could go shopping if you get bored sometimes.

C. Most of your rubbish can not be reused or recycled.

D. You should know your real need before you buy items.



28. What’s the best title for the passage?

A. How to Live a Greener Life B. Ways to Cut Down Bills

C. Instructions for a Better Life D. How to Save our Earth


解析:B选项过于片面,本文的第四段和第五段提到过billsC选项better life不是第一段和第二段句尾所提到的关键词greener life,故答案有误;D选项范围过于宽泛,没有涵盖本文的关键词greener life


There are many kinds of heroes. Even animals can be heroes. This month’s newsletter tells about three amazing animals. Each one is a hero!

Thumper the Dog

Thumper was a dog that lived with a family which had a three-year-old son named Benjamin. One day Benjamin wandered into a large field. The grass in the field was taller than he was, so he could not find his way out. Hundreds of people began to search for Benjamin. When they found him, they saw Thumper stayed with Benjamin and kept him warm. So Benjamin had stayed safe and calm.

Lulu the Pig

The Altsmans had a pet pig named Lulu. One summer the couple went camping and took Lulu with them. The husband went fishing one morning. The wife didn’t feel well, so she and Lulu stayed in the camper. Suddenly Mrs. Altsman fell to the floor. Lulu pushed the camper door open and climbed out to locate help. When a car came by, she lay down in front of it. When the driver got out, Lulu led him back to the camper. The man called for help and Mrs. Altsman was taken to hospital.

Sugar the Cat

Sugar was a beautiful cat. Three years ago she wandered onto the Woods’ farm in California and Mrs. Woods began feeding her. Mrs. Woods noticed something wrong with the cat’s left leg, but this didn’t make Sugar any less special. Mrs. Woods loved Sugar. Later the couple moved to a new farm in Oklahoma. They gave Sugar to a neighbor who would take good care of her, because they knew she wouldn’t like riding in cars for days. However, Sugar walked across deserts and mountains and traveled more than 1,500 miles to the Woods’ new farm! Mr. and Mrs. Woods could hardly believe their eyes. No one knows how Sugar found her way to Oklahoma.

29. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Lovely pigs. B. Unknown heroes. C. New friends. D. Amazing animals.


解析:由第一段主题句This month’s newsletter tells about three amazing animals.可知。

30. How did Thumper help Benjamin?

A. By searching for him in the field. B. By finding the way out for him.

C. By staying with him all the time. D. By cutting the grass around him.


解析:由第二段倒数第一行When they found him, they saw Thumper stayed with Benjamin and kept him warm.本句意思是小狗和孩子待在一起,还帮助那个小孩取暖,可知答案。

31. Why did Lulu lie down on the road?

A. To get help. B. To watch the cars. C. To have a sleep. D. To ask for a lift.

答案: A

解析:由第三段倒数第二行When a car came by, she lay down in front of it. When the driver got out, Lulu led him back to the camper. The man called for help…可知,小猪Lulu是为了向路边的司机求救,才会躺在路边吸引司机的注意力。

32. What did Sugar do in the story?

A. Sugar tried to find help. B. Sugar protected her owners.

C. Sugar went camping with her owners. D. Sugar went a long way to find her owners.


解析:由最后一段倒数第四行However, Sugar walked across deserts and mountains and traveled more than 1,500 miles to the Woods’ new farm! Sugar这只小猫穿越沙漠,攀山越岭一直走了1,500英里才来到他们的新农场。


Cooking Kills Four Million People a Year

Polluted airborne particles(大气悬浮颗粒)kill 7 million people a year, reports the World Health Organization.

That news may not come as a surprise to anyone who has seen images of chimneys in Beijing, Delhi or Mexico. But those factories—or even the jammed roadways of modern cities—are not the biggest killer. Each year, some 4.3 million people die earlier than they should because of polluted air inside their homes, says the WHO.

What’s causing the air inside people’s homes to be so poisonous that it kills around 11,000 people a day? Stoves. “Having an open fire in your kitchen is like burning 400 cigarettes an hour.” says Kirk Smith, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, whose research suggests that household air pollution from cooking killed between 3.5 million and 4 million people in 2013.

Not all stoves cause this kind of harm. The ones Smith’s talking about are those that the 3 billion people in the developing world use for heat and cooking, which burn solid fuels such as wood, coal, or crop waste instead of gas. The smoke from those fires produces harmful fine particles and carbon monoxide into homes. Poor ventilation then prevents that smoke from escaping, raising fine particle levels 100 times higher than the limits that the WHO considers acceptable.

Breathing this air day in day out finally causes a lot of diseases: more than a third of the 4.3 million die of a stroke, while a quarter die of heart disease. And around one-third of annual lung disease deaths worldwide are due to waste from coal stoves.

Exposure tends to be extremely harmful for the people who spend the most time around the fire—usually women and young children. In fact, the WHO reports that household air pollution almost doubles the risk for childhood lung disease.

33. According to Kirk Smith’s research, ________.

A. factories are the biggest killer worldwide nowadays

B. burning 400 cigarettes an hour is extremely dangerous

C. household air pollution from cooking is surprisingly harmful

D. some 4.3 million people die earlier each year than they should


解析:由本文第三段第四行household air pollution from cooking killed between 3.5 million and 4 million people in 2013.可知,家庭环境中烹饪时产生的空气污染日益严重。

34. What should be the deadly killer in a household kitchen?

A. Solid fuels. B. Coal stoves. C. Poor gas. D. Cooking smoke.


解析:由本文第四段第三行The smoke from those fires produces harmful fine particles and carbon monoxide into homes.厨房里的油烟是厨房中的致命杀手。故正确答案为D

35. The underlined word “ventilation” in Paragraph 4 probably means ________.

A. airing B. cooking C. burning D. cooling


解析:Poor ventilation then prevents that smoke from escaping. 这句话的意思是“通风不


36. The author intends to tell people ________.

A. how to avoid polluted air in their homes

B. to stop cooking in the household kitchen

C. to guard against household pollution from cooking

D. how to prevent childhood lung diseases in household



四、任务型阅读(共 10分,每小题2分)

We need to be responsible for our environment. Being a frugal consumer(节俭的消费者)is one way to help. But, what exactly does that mean?

Use It Up

You can use things up instead of wasting them. Squeeze that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Use the last little piece of soap. Don't throw away any bits of the biscuit at the bottom of the box.

Wear It Out

You do not always need to have new things. Suppose your sneakers have broken laces, but they still fit you. Repair them and wear them longer. You don't have the latest iPhone until the old one doesn't work anymore. Then you can get a new one. Think twice before replacing something that still works.

Make It Do

When something you want is not on hand, look for something else that you already have to take its place. Suppose you are packing your lunch for tomorrow and want a butter sandwich. You are out of butter. Have a cheese sandwich instead so that you can use all of the cheese. Learn to fix broken toys instead of just throwing them away. With a little thought, you can make something do, instead of buying something new.

Do Without

Think about all those things that you would like to have. Do you really need them? How long will you really play with that new toy you saw on TV? Making the things that we want uses up your world's resources(资源). And, getting rid of the things we don't want any more takes up even more resources and space.

37. Do we need to be responsible for our environment?


答案:Yes, we do.

解析:由本文第一句We need to be responsible for our environment.可知正确答案。

38.How do we deal with the last little piece of soap?


答案:By using it up.

解析:从由本文第二段第二行Use the last little piece of soap.可知,这种做法属于第一个黑体字的标题,即Use It Up

39. When do we need to get a new iPhone?


答案:Until the old one doesn't work anymore.

解析:由本文第三段第三行You don't have the latest iPhone until the old one doesn't work anymore.可知,直到旧的手机不能再用了为正确答案。

40. What should we do when something we want is not on hand?


答案:We should look for something else.

解析:由本文第四段第一行When something you want is not on hand, look for something else that …可知正确答案。

41. What does the writer want to tell us?


答案:Why and how to be a responsible consumer.



42. 我们正在努力拯救地球。

We _______________________ save the earth.

答案:are trying to

43. 这条河流从前很干净。

The river _______________________ very clean.

答案:used to be

44. 我们齐心协力的行动能够带来变化,并创造美好的未来。

Our actions ___________________________ and __________________ a better future.

答案:can make a difference, lead to

45. 她住在英国,房子是她自己用废弃物制作而成的。

She _________________ a house in the UK that she ______________________________.

答案:lives in, built herself out of rubbish


Wang Tao _____________________ a “metal art” theme park to ____________ people ________________________ of environmental protection.

答案:hopes to set up, show, the importance of



请仔细阅读英文校刊New Standard征稿启事,并观察所给的6张照片,按照要求写出意思连贯,符合逻辑,不少于60词的短文。(请不要写出你的姓名和校名。)

Did you save water today?

Water Saving Week” is coming. Picture Talk invites you to join. Here are six pictures about the drought(干旱)in Southwest China. Which one moves you most? And you…






Did you save water today?

I was greatly shocked by the six pictures, especially the one which shows a six-year-old child is helping carry water home. Because of the worst drought, every drop of water seems so important to a family.

I think it’s a great shame to waste water while millions are in great need of water. I used to waste water. I sometimes left the water running when I was brushing teeth. Now I find it wrong to do so and I’ll remember to turn off the tap when I am doing the washing. Besides, I’ll save the used water for later use. It’s also a good idea to encourage my friends and family members to join me!

Water is important in our life and everyone has the duty to save it. I believe if everyone makes a little effort, we can make a big difference.