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It must belong to carla.




( ) 1. Whose book is this? It must be_______.

A. Kate B. Kates C. Kate’s D. Kate’


解析:一定是Kate的。 It must be Kate’s.

( ) 2. The French book belongs to_________.

A. Mary B. Mary’s C. Mary’ D. Marys


解析:对比前一题,belong to属于某人,因此不用所有格。

( ) 3. I think I ____ it during the concert.

A. drop B. dropped C. droped D. droping



( ) 4. She is friendly ___us students.

A. to B. at C. with D. for


解析:be friendly to sb.

( ) 5. I haven’t seen my cats for two days. I’m very ____about her.

A. worry B. worries C. worried D. worrys


解析: worry about (worry 为动词) be worried about sb. (worried 为形容词)

( ) 6. We were late for school ____the heavy rain.

A. because B. as C. since D. because of


解析:because of doing/n. 由于。由于大雨,我们上学迟到了。请积累be late for school。

( ) 7. After a long walk, the old man ______ be tired now.

A. can B. must C. has to D. need


解析:must be tired表示推测。在长途跋涉之后,老人现在一定是累了。

( ) 8. She pretended _____ when I passed by.

A. sleeping B. sleep C. to sleep D. slept


解析:pretend to do 假装做某事。当我经过的时候,她假装睡觉了。

( ) 9. There must be something ______the homes in our neighborhood.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting D. visited


解析:There must be something doing,一定有doing表伴随。

( )10. Sally might ________. She has been coughing a lot.

A. be ill B. is ill C. be illed D. is illed


解析:Sally咳嗽的很久,因此她一定是生病了。might be 表推测,ill本身可作表语。


In the city of Fujisawa, Japan, lives a woman named Atsuko Saeki. When she was a teenager, she__11__of going to the United States. Most of what she knew about American life was__12__she had read in textbooks. “I had a__13__of the daddy sitting in the living room, the mummy baking cookies and their teen-age daughter off to the movies with her boyfriend.”

Atsuko arranged to attend college in California. When she arrived, however, it was not the dream world she had__14__. “People were struggling with problems and often seemed tense,” she said. “I felt very lonely.”

One of her hardest classes was physical education. “We play the volleyball,” she said. “The other students were__15__at it, but I wasn’t.”

One afternoon, the instructor assigned Atsuko to hit the ball to her teammates so they could__16__it over the net. No big deal for most people, but it terrified Atsuko. She feared humiliation if she failed.

A young man on her team sensed what she was going through. He walked up to her and whispered, “Come on. You can do that.”

“You will never understand how those words of encouragement made me feel. Four words —You can do that. I felt like crying with happiness.”

She made it through the class. Perhaps she thanked the young man, she is not sure.

Six years have passed. Atsuko is 32 years old and back in Japan, working__17__a journalist. “I have __18__forgotten the words,” she said. “When things are not going so well, I think of them.”

She is sure the young man had no idea how much his kindness__19__to her. “He probably doesn’t even remember it,” she said.

What may be the lesson? Whenever you say something to a person—cruel or kind—you have no idea how long the words will stick.

She is all the way over in Japan. But still she __20__those four simple words—You can do that.

11. A. spoke B. made C. dreamed D. heard

12. A. how B. what C. when D. that

13. A. picture B. book C. story D. piece

14. A. done B. imagined C. lived D. seen

15. A. interested B. looking C. ready D. good

16. A. knock B. get C. pass D. hold

17. A. as B. with C. like D. by

18. A. always B. never C. sometimes D. usually

19. A. given B. taught C. pointed D. meant

20. A. learns B. listens C. hears D. writes


11. C

解析:根据句意推断,作者应该是梦想着去美国dream of doing,故选C

12. B

解析:what she read in the textbook他所知道的美国都是从教科书中读到的,What表示“所的”,故选B

13. A


14. B


15. D

解析:最难的课程是体育。她的同学做的都很好,但她不擅长。be good at…擅长做某事。

16. A

解析:把排球打过网knock the ball

17. A


18. B


19. D


20. C

解析:她虽然自己在日本,但已经听见那句话——You can do that.你能做到。



Buy Once, Read Everywhere

Kindle is our bestseller. It enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go.

Read in Bright Sunlight.

Kindle’s screen reads like real paper. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in your sitting room.

Lighter than a Paperback.

At only 8.5 ounces. It’s a third the weight of the iPad.

Holds 3, 500 Books.

Kindle can carry up to 3, 500 books.

Never Gets Hot.

Unlike a computer, Kindle never gets hot so you can read comfortably as long as you like.

What customers are saying:

AMAZING!!! By Luigi

The screen is wonderful! It’s better than paper! This is too cool!

Very satisfied customer By Milou .

My hurt hands were making reading large books painful (疼痛的). The kindle is so light I can carry it easily. Love my Kindle By Bonnie.

I received my Kindle as a gift for my birthday. I love it!

Easy to carry By Justine

Just put it in a handbag either large or small.

21. How much does a Kindle cost?

A. $8.5. B. $139. C. $248. D. $3, 500.

22. Unlike a computer, Kindle ______.

A. doesn’t get hot B. has no screen

C. is harder to use D. is heavier to carry

23. Who got a Kindle as a gift?

A. Luigi. B. Milou. C. Bonnie. D. Justine.


21. B


22. A

解析:关键词为unlike a computer, 因此位置确定在第五个小标题下面,从而确定答案为A

23. C



In the big cities of Europe and America — London, Paris, New York, people are moving out of the city. They are usually rich families with much money, and they want to live a quieter life. They are tired of the noises and the dirty air of the city, tired of the crowded streets, crowded trains and buses. They don’t want to sit in traffic any more. They want a house with a garden, and clean air that is not polluted.

So they move out. Some don’t move very far, just a little way out of the city, to the towns near the cities. Other people move to real countryside, with sheep, cows and horses, and green fields! There, they start new lives and try to make new friends.

Not all those who move from the city to the countryside are happy. After two or three years, many people feel that it was a big mistake. There isn’t much to do. Country people are very different and aren’t always friendly.

As a result, quite a lot of people move back to the city. “It’s wonderful to see crowds in the streets and cinema lights,” they say. “I’m so glad I’m back in the city!”

24. Some city people move out of their city because of _____.

A. crowds and pollution B. friendly neighborhoods

C. making money D. cows and sheep

25. Why do some people move back to the city again? Because _____.

A. they can breathe fresh and clean air.B. there are big shops and cinema lights.

C. they still want to live their city life. D. they can make many new friends.

26. Which of the following sentence is wrong according to the passage?

A. Many people love their city’s colorful life.

B. They enjoy seeing animals in the country.

C. All the people move out far from the city.

D. Sometimes country people are not friendly.


24. A


25. C


26. C



From preschool to high school we have been told to “be yourself” or” be who you are”. But what do those saying even mean? Does it mean to say exactly what you are thinking, not to learn from someone else? Could it mean to act only according to your nature and not let anything else influence you?

I’ll be honest that I don’t believe in “being yourself”. I believe in becoming a better person.

Before you make a decision to come after me, let me make it clear. I am not saying that we should try to become the person like our favorite pop star or sports athlete. What I am saying is that we should all be trying to become a better person, and there is nothing wrong with using a role model(楷模) to achieve this.

I know that I am not perfect. I have my faults(过错), just like anyone else, but doesn’t it make us better to try to fix them? Let me give some examples. If your grades are getting worse because you’re getting a little lazy, you should try to become a little more hard-working. Or, if you find yourself accidentally hurting someone’s feelings because of what you said, you might want to be a little more careful of what you say. No one is perfect, but if doesn’t mean we can’t strive for perfection.

I also don’t see the problem with modeling some of your life after someone else. I still have my role models, whom I try to learn from, and I wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t model a bit of my life after them. For example, I have always admired the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi in India; I have even taken some of his lessons to heart such as “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.”

In my mind, the present happens too fast for us to “be who we are”. By the time we have even found out who we are, that person is really only who we have been. I believe that people show themselves by who they are trying to become, not by who they are or who they have been.

27. The writer thinks that using a role model to achieve a dream is ____.

A. difficult B. creative C. helpful D. easy

28. What does the underlined phrase “strive for” mean?

A. look for B. care for C. wait for D. fight for

29. According to (根据) the passage, the writer agrees that _______.

A. we should be famous like our favorite pop star.

B. we should show others who we are trying to be.

C. it’s necessary to make our life the same as others.

D. it’s important to find out more faults about ourselves.

30. Which is the best title for this passage?

A. Be a Better Person B. Be Who You Are

C. Learn from Others D. Live a Better Life


27. C

解析:题目中的关键词为using a role model to achieve a dream,从文章第二段最后两句话可以看出,找一个楷模,对于实现梦想是有帮助的。

28. D

解析:perfect完美,“追求”完美,strive for 因为追求,为之奋斗,因此选择fight for。

29. B

解析: 从文章中得知,作者认为我们应向别人展示我们想要试图成为什么样的人。

30. A



A. 根据首字母填空(每小题1分)

31. She always listens to p___ music.

答案: pop

解析:pop music流行音乐。

32. It could be Mei’s hair b_____. Or it might belong to Linda. They both have long hair.


解析:hair band 发卡。

33. I w______ if these are Jim’s glasses.

They can’t be his. He doesn’t wear glasses.


解析:wonder if 不知道是否。

34. This restaurant is always very crowded. The food there must be very d______.



35. When he was i _______ by the boss, he was a little nervous.


解析:当他被老板面试的时候,他有一点儿紧张。be interviwed被动语态,表示“被采访,被面试”。


36. the, watch, belong, to, Alice


答案:The watch belongs to Alice.

解析: 首字母大写,注意belongss

37. earrings, be, mother, might, the, his


答案:The earrings might be his mother’s.

解析:注意是his mother’s,一定是他妈妈的。注意所有格。

38. somebody, have, must, up, pick, it


答案:Somebody must have picked it up.

解析:首字母大写,must have done一定已经做过… pick it up,代词放中间。

39. I try, call, you, just, now


答案:I tried to call you just now.

解析:just now, 刚刚,一般过去时,try要变成tried, try to do 尝试做。

40. thinks, she, it, that, an, could, animal, be


答案:She thinks that it could be an animal.




He was the only little ____ ____ the picnic.

答案: child, at

解析:词组,at the picnic。


She ____ ____ because of her test.

答案:is worried.

解析:be worried, 担心,着急。


These days, _________ ________ is happening in our town.

答案:something unusual.



Fred is afraid of ____. He feels anxious before he gets on the plane.

答案:taking a plane.

解析:be afraid of doing, 害怕做某事。


Don’t let yesterday ____ ____ too much of today.

答案:take up.

解析:占用 ,take up。


Stonehenge was built slowly over a long p___46___ of time. Most h___47_____ believe it must b_48__ almost 5,000 years old. One of the g___49____ mysteries is how it was built because the stones are so big and heavy. In 2001, a group of English volunteers tried to build another Stonehenge, but they couldn’t. “We don’t really know who built Stonehenge,” says Pal Stoker. “And perhaps we might never know, but we do know they must h___50____ been hardworkingand great planners!”


46. period

解析:一段时间a period of time。

47. historians


48. be

解析:must be, 一定是,表推测。

49. greatest

解析:One of +the+形容词最高级+名词复数,最伟大的秘密之一。

50. have

解析:must have been …一定是现在完成时表推测。


请以Tom的身份根据下面提示帮他给他的老师Mr. Black 发一封电子邮件。词数在80词左右。

提示:1. 当你到家时,发现自错拿了英语书,你认为肯定是Tracy的,因为书上有Tracy的名字。

2. 你的书可能在Mr. Black 家的书桌上。如果在,请老师帮忙保存起来;如果不在,麻烦Mr. Black 告诉你Tracy家的电话号码。


提示词语:trouble, wrong, might, hope, look forward

1. Why do you write this e-mail to Mr. Black?

2. What happened to the textbook? How could Mr. Black help you?

3. Please give thanks to Mr. Black.









One Version:

Mr. Black,

Iam sorry to trouble you. Iwant your help. After I got home,Ifound that my English book wasn't in my backpackand Itook a wrong book. Ithink it must be Tracy's, because her name is on it.

I think my English book might be on your desk. If it is there, please help me keep it. If it isn't on the desk, please tell me Tracy's telephone number. She might take my book. Iam looking forword to your e-mail. Thank you very much.