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> It's raining! 同步测试




(  )l. I'm not ______ a book like this.

A. watching    B. looking at    C. seeing      D. reading


解析:看书要用read a book,而watchseelook at虽然都表示,但不能和a book搭配,read指读书、看书,着重指看书上的内容,而非只做的动作。

(  )2. It's very cold today. You'd better put_______ your coat when you go out.

A. away      B. down        C. on       D. up


解析:本题主要考查有关put动词短语的用法。本句意为今天很冷,出门时你最好穿上外套。由此可见,空白处应填on,与put搭配,构成put on 短语,有穿上之意。而put away表示……收起来(放好)”put down放下之意;put up意为张贴。故选C

(  )3. Don't _____ on the street, Tom.

A. play      B. playing       C . plays    D. is playing


解析:本题主要考查祈使句的否定式,应为don't 加动词原形,因此答案为A

(  )4. Listen! Who______ in the next room?

A. sing      B . sings       C . singing    D. is singing


解析:本题考查在何种情况下用进行时态,通常来说 Listen! Nowwhere is sb? 都可以成为判断时态的标志,看:听! 之时,某人一定正在进行某个动作。Listen! 为一种提示,意为提示注意正在发生的动作或行为。

(  )5.--We can use MSN to________  with each other on the net.

--Really? Will you show me how to use it?

A. speak     B. talk        C. say      D. tell


解析:本题主要考查有之意的动词的用法。本句重点在如何表达互相交谈上。因句中所给介词为with,能与之搭配的只有Btalktalk with 意为……交谈。在表达这层含义上,speaksay 只能与介词to连用,tell 为及物动词,后面可直接接宾语。故选B

(  )6 . _______ your raincoat . It's raining outside .

A. Wear     B. Put on       C . Wearing     D. Putting on



(  )7 . We _______ a Chinese class today. They ________ an English class now.

A. aren't having; are having     B. don't have; have

C. aren't having; have        D. don't have; are having



(  )8. My brother and I _______.

A. is doing my homework       B. am doing his homework

C. are doing our homeworks      D. are doing our homework


解析:My brother I 为两并列主语,应看做为第一人称复数,谓语动词也应用复数,故排除AB两项。义因为homework 为不可数名词,故排除CD

(  )9 . Miss Gao is ______  green trousers . She looks beautiful .

A. put on     B. putting on       C. wearing     D. wear


解析:由于本题给了be动词,动词之后不能再加动词原形。put on 只表示短时间的动作,wear 表示正在穿着什么样的衣服的一种状态,如果没有She looks beautiful,我们可选BC两个答案,因BC在语法上都成立,但这句话表示高小姐穿着绿色裤子,看起来挺漂亮。所以前向只能是穿着的状态,不能是动作。

(  )10. I am ______ the kite like this.

A. not liking     B. not wanting   C . not finding     D. not flying



(  )11._______ careful girl Kate is!

A. How     B. What        C. What a     D. How a


解析:被感叹的部分为名词时,结构为“What+a/an+ 形容词+可数名词单数(+主语+谓语)!”“what+(形容词)复数名词/不可数名词(+主语+谓语)! ” 被感叹的部分是形容词或副词时,结构为“How+ 形容词/副词+主语+谓语!”。此句是感叹单数名词girl ,故用What a

(  )12. --What's the date today?


A. It's Sunday   B. It's cold  C. It's June 2001  D. It's September 10th


解析:此题是问日期,A是对星期的回答,B是对天气的回答,C 未给出具体日期,故选D

(  )13. --How's the weather in Xinjiang?

--The weather here is _______ .

A. strange     B. wind        C . sun      D . fog



(  )14. --What's the weather like today?

--_________ .

A. It's Sunday    B. It's sunny       C. It's July 3rd    D. It's food



(  )15. --What a cold day it is!

--_________ .

A. Yes, but it's going to be colder    B. No, I think it's cold today

C. Sorry, I'm afraid I can't       D. Yes, it isn't cold


解析:此句意为:今天真是个冷天啊! B与上句矛盾,C是对邀请的回答,D 自相矛盾,故选A

(  ) 16. Jenny is_______ a green shirt today.

A. putting on     B. near     C. wearing     D. put on



(  ) 17. Look at the_____ !It's _______ heavily now

Arainrain   Brainingraining  Crainraining  Drainingrainy



(  ) 18. -- Who is standing under the tree?


A. Tom is     B. Tom does   C. Tom are     D. Tom do


解析:根据上句 Who is standing...?

(  )19. -- How's it______ ?

-- Not bad.

A. go       B. going     C. goes     D. went


解析:How's it going  询问情况怎么样?

(  ) 20. ______ you_______ a good time yesterday?

A. Did; have    B. Did; had   C. Are; have    D. Were; had


解析:have a good time 玩得开心



Have you ever seen (曾经见过) snow? Many people 1 the world have not. Some countries never have snow; some have only 2 on the tops of very high mountains. 3 the north of England 4 quite a lot of snow every winter, 5 in the south of England, there is usually little.

When a student from a 6 country comes to England in autumn for the first time, he feels cold at first. There are often dark clouds, grey sky and cold rain in England in autumn, and most students from warm countries do not like this.

But snow is 7 .Though (尽管) it is cold, it is also beautiful. Perhaps (也许),after a few dark mornings, the student wakes up (醒来) one day and there is 8 in his room. He thinks “Is it so 9 ?”and jumps out of bed. But no, it is not very late. He looks out of the window and there is the snow on the ground and on the houses and everywhere. The light of his room comes 10 clean, beautiful snow.

1. A. on B. at C. in D. of


解析: in the world意为在世界上

2. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few


解析:little, a little后接不可数名词或代替不可数名词;few, a few后接可数名词或代替可数名词,前文指的是snowsnow为不可数名词,故选A

3. A. To B. At C. On D. In



4. A. it is B. there is C. there have D. there are


解析:结合后文的snow可知用there is,因为there is后接不可数名词或可数名词单数。

5. A. but B. and C. so D. then


解析:后面的there is usually little与前面的句子形成对比,表示转折关系,故用but

6. A. cold B. warm C. cool D. other


解析:结合下文中的warm countries可知指的是来自气候暖和的国家的学生。

7. A. difference B. different C. same D. the same


解析:与上文的内容对比,snowdark clouds, grey skycold rain不同。

8. A. a light B. a sun C. a lot of light D. some lights



9. A. late B. later C. early D. earlier



10. A. from B. out C. of D. in


解析:come from意为来自


Today is Sunday. It’s a beautiful, ____1____ day! Mary and her classmates are going to the West Hill ____2____a picnic. They’re ____3____ bikes. Right now, they’re coming to a place at the ____4____ of the hill. There are beautiful flowers and green ____5____ there. Mary and her _____6_____are preparing the picnic. Some are getting water. _____7_____ are cooking. Now, their lunch is ____8____. They are singing, talking, ____9____, and drinking. Everyone is _____10_____ a good time.






解析:现在进行时(be+V-ing) ride要变形为riding.


解析:at the foot of the hill在山脚下。


解析:根据句意,green trees复数要变形。



解析:some are…. Others are…. 一些在另一些人


解析:be ready 准备好了



解析:have a good time 现在进行时 have变形为having

三、阅读理解 (30)




Dear Mary,

Thanks a lot for your letter and the great photos. I like them very much. Here are some of my photos. In the first one, I am swimming in the lake. In the second one, I am playing football on the playground in our school. In the third one, you can see my family at home. We’re having dinner. In the last one, I am with my little sister Beth. She’s watching TV and I am doing my homework.

Best wishes to you and you family. Please write to me soon.


1. This letter is from _____ to _____.

A. Mary; Jim B. Jim; Mary C. Ann; Beth



2. Jim likes ______ very much.

A. the letter B. the beautiful photos C. A and B


解析:从开头“Thanks a lot for your letter and the great photos. I like them very much.”得出。

3. In the first photo, Jim is __________.

A. playing football B. swimming C. A and


解析:从第二行“In the first one, I am swimming in the lake.”得出。

4. Jim has one ________.

A. sister B. brother C. friend


解析:从倒数第三行“In the last one, I am with my little sister Beth.”得出。

5. In the last photo, Jim is ______ and Beth is______.

A. watching TV; doing homework

B. doing homework; watching TV;

C. having dinner; writing a letter


解析:从最后一句“In the last one, I am with my little sister Beth. She’s watching TV and I am doing my homework.”得出。


In England, people don’t often talk to each other when they travel. If you are on a bus or on a train, you can always see some people sitting and looking out of the window and other people reading books or newspapers.

English people often start a conversation (谈话) by talking about the weather. So when you meet somebody in England, you can say “Nice weather for the time of year

“But it was a little cold yesterday,” somebody may answer.

“But it will get a bit warmer later,” you can say.

Talk like this, and the English people will think, “How friendly you are!”

1. Some people sit and look out of theon a train.

A. window B. door C. roof D. hole


解析:由第一段的“If you are on a bus or on a train, you can always see some people sitting and looking out of the window...”可知选A

2. English people oftenon the bus.

A. talk a lot B. talk to each other

C. eat something D. read newspapers


解析:由第一段“In England, people don’t often talk to each other when they travel...and other people reading books or newspapers.”可知在英国,当人们出行时他们不常互相谈话,如果你在公共汽车或火车上,你常可以看到一些人坐着向窗外看,另一些人读书或看报,故A健谈B互相谈论C吃一些东西都不符合文意,而D项意为看报纸,是文中提到的,故选D项。

3. When you meet an English people, you can start the conversation by talking about the.

A. weather B. time C. food D. countryside


解析:由第二段的“English people often start a conversation(谈话) by talking about the weather.”可知英国人常常通过谈论天气开始一个话题,故选A项,B项意为时间C项意为食物D项意为乡村,都不符合文意。

4. According to the passage, if you talk to English people about the weather, they will think.

A. you are friendlyB. you are right C. you are English D. you talk much


解析:由文章最后一句“Talk like this, and the English people will think, ‘How friendly you are!’”可知,如果你像这样谈话(谈论天气),英国人会认为你很友好。

5. Which sentence is true?

A. English people like traveling by bus.

B. English people don’t talk much when they’re on public transport.

C. English people are unfriendly.

D. English people don’t enjoy good weather.




April 22 is Earth Day. Everyone on earth should care about and protect the earth!

The earth has warmed by about 1(华氏度) over the past 100 years, but why and how? Well, scientists are not quite sure. Maybe the earth gets warmer and warmer on its own. But many scientists say that people are doing many things which make the earth warmer.

First, greenhouse effect (温室效应) is a very important reason for the change of the earth. People give out too much energy into the air every year. It makes the earth warmer. Climate (气候) change is another important reason. Sometimes it becomes too hot and sometimes too cold. Sometimes there is too much rain and sometimes too little. The change of the climate makes the earth warmer. In turn, the warmth of the earth changes the climate, too.

When the earth becomes warmer, there may be more rain and a rise in sea level. It will affect the growth of plants, animals and people. On a Pacific island,100 people have to move to higher ground because the sea is rising. These people can no longer live on the coast. Before that, two islands without people went underwater in 1999.Scientists say that the seas can rise by nearly one meter by 2100.

People can affect the earth’s air, land and water. As for us, we can do many things to protect the earth.For example, we can use fridges less. We can tell more people about protecting the earth.

6. Earth Day is probably set for people to.

A. learn more about the earth

B. make full use of the earth

C. take better care of the earth

D. study the warmth of the earth


解析:由第一段“April 22 is Earth Day. Everyone on earth should care about and protect the earth!”可知选C

7.We can infer(推断) from the passage that the reasons for the warmer earth are______now.

A. not very clear B. completely secret

C. well known D. not given yet


解析:由第二段中“Well, scientists are not quite sure.”可知原因还不是很清楚。故选A

8. Greenhouse effect comes from.

A. sea rising B. climate change

C. nature’s unbalance D. people’s activity


解析:由文中第二段的“But many scientists say that people are doing many things which make the earth warmer.”可知,人们的活动引起了温室效应。故选D

9. According to the passage,may affect each other.

A. animals and islands

B. climate and the warmth of the earth

C. fridges and animals

D. sea level and the growth of plants


解析:由文中第三段的“The change of the climate makes the earth warmer. In turn, the warmth of the earth changes the climate, too.”可知选B项。

10. The passage mainly tells us that.

A. there is more rain now

B. we should protect the earth

C. we must stop pollution

D. sea level is getting higher




1. Look! They’re(ride) camels.



2. Thanks for(join) our basketball match.



3. It looks like rain. It’s(cloud).



4. Everyone (do) some cleaning every day.



5. Look! They’re taking (photo) over there.




1 . It was cold yesterday . (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ the_________ _________yesterday ?

答案:What was, weather like

2. Kate has lunch at twelve every day. (变为否定句)

Kate _________ _________lunch at twelve every day.

答案:doesn't have

3 . They are delicious mooncakes . (变为感叹句)

_________ _________ mooncakes they are !

答案:What delicious

解析:以what引导的感叹句修饰复数名词 mooncakes.

4. It's bad weather today! (变为感叹句)

_________ _________weather it is today !

答案:What bad


5 . Jim speaks English very well. (变为感叹句)

_________ _________Jim speaks English !

答案:How well


6. There was a heavy rain last night. (改写同义句)

It_________ _________last night .

答案:rained heavily


7. There was a strong wind just now. (改写同义句)

It_________ _________ just now.

答案:blew strongly


8. I think it's going to rain. (改写否定句)

I_________ _________ it's going to rain.

答案:don't think

解析:I think 后接宾语从句,否定前移。

9. The weather was warm yesterday, _________? (变为反意疑问句)

答案:wasn't it

解析:weatherit 代替.

10. It is snowy today. (改写同义句)

Today _________ _________.

答案:is snowing